My Anti-Bucket List

Okay, so everyone’s heard of a bucket list, and at some point of your life you must have sat down to write it or at least thought about it. 

I have already started to complete on of the things on my bucket list: to travel often. But today I will be writing my anti-bucket list, full of things I hope never to do before I die. Feel free to comment if you agree with any!

  1. Torture or kill someone – this one’s pretty self explanatory.
  2. Go to jail – I don’t think I can cope with the idea of being arrested and going to jail, and tbh I’m more scared of my parents’ reactions than the actual police themselves.
  3. Obtaining a serious life-threatening disease – too much suffering for a clean freak like me. I even hate to be around people with colds.
  4. Be buried alive or be kidnapped – obviously (and yes I read that in Snape’s voice because I’m obsessed with Harry Potter – did anyone else?).
  5. Go hunting – okay I love eating chicken but 1) I can’t take an innocent life 2) I can’t aim 3) I’m not in the Hunger Games.
  6. Hold a poisonous snake – I don’t want to die because of an animal (unless its Nagini which means that Hogwarts exists).
  7. Gamble – pointless, addictive waste of time and money. 
  8. Swim with sharks – being digested in a shark’s large intestine for the rest of my life isn’t quite my idea of fun. 
  9. Protest – not that I’m afraid to fight for my rights, but I hope that in the future everyone’s equal so there’s nothing left to protest for. And the whole getting arrested thing.
  10. Drugs – no. Just no.
  11. Smoke – intentionally giving myself lung cancer doesn’t sound like fun either.
  12. Tongue piercing – I just really hate how they look, and I’ll be scared every time I eat in case I rip my tongue in half.
  13. Join a gang – I have better things to do with my life.
  14. Stalk someone – (apart from stalking Shawn Mendes on the internet cos he is AMAZING) it’s just creepy and weird and very Pretty-Little-Liarsish.
  15. Fall and become seriously injured in a bathtub – Two words. MAJOR EMBARRASSMENT. 

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